1. "Think pornography. … [H]eterosexual ideology makes sure that in pornography kisses are reduced to a certain fixed order or taxonomy of desire. Any free, unprogrammed kiss will never be a kiss. There are many kinds of love and desire, but, reflecting here on pornography as a heterosexual art, we can say that what is offensive is the repetitive mimicry presented of one stereotypical desire. Unfortunately, the same can be said of Christian theology, which mimics the prevalent heterosexual ideology while excluding any epistemological attempt which challenges its dualism, hierarchies and institutionalized gods. — Marcella Althaus-Reid"
    — "A Woman’s Right to Not Being Straight: El Derecho a no ser Derecha: On Theology, Church and Pornography”, in From Feminist Theology to Indecent Theology (2002). 
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